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Become a candidate for one of the upcoming black tie boxing events around the globe and have an unforgetable experience…


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  • Boxers need to complete a minimum of 30 training sessions
  • Boxers fight in 3 x 2 minute rounds in 1 minute intervals
  • Male + female boxers aged 23 – 55 years old can compete
  • Weight categories with 2.5kg tolerance, competition range  starting from 51kg and up to 91kg+
  • 16oz gloves, headgear, mouth guards
  • Groin protection compulsory for males, optional for females
  • Scoring based on 10 points awarded by each of three judges per round
  • Three standing eight counts in a round will result in referee stopping contest
  • The referee can stop the bout at any stage if in their opinion the safety of either boxer is compromised
“Thanks to the Suzhou Showdown, I had the opportunity and honor to represent my country and show off proudly the Italian flag to all 500 people that came to watch us.”

Simone Quaia, Controller at Danielli