Q: I’m afraid of getting matched with a much better opponent. Is this a possibility?

A: No, we only want fair fights. Fighters will be observed in sparring at Match Up Sparring. After the sparring session, if you are both comfortable with the match up and the coaches agree that both fighters can defend themselves safely, the fight will be booked. If we cannot find you a fair opponent, you will not fight. The emphasis is on safety, fun and having an exciting ring experience.  

Q: I’m new to all this, but am keen to try. Is 12-14 weeks of training enough to fight?

A: For a sanctioned amateur bout wearing 12oz gloves no, not unless you’re a prodigy. To have a glorified sparring session wearing 16oz gloves, yes. Beginners are welcome and can fight another beginner should they reach a safe level of ability and fitness by fight time, as decided by their coach.  

Q: What happens if I decide to not to fight during that 12-week program?

A: You can anyway participate in the training sessions and support the participants during their preparation for their fights by training with them and having fun.  

Q: Can women fight too?

A: Absolutely. Women are more than welcome to join.